Question: Who has Jennette McCurdy dated?

The podcast host has also been romantically linked to Graham Patrick Martin. and Andre Drummond. — who she had a brief fling with after meeting on social media — throughout her time in the spotlight. Scroll through our gallery for a complete breakdown of Jennettes love life.

Who did Jennette McCurdy dated?

Jennette McCurdy caused quite a stir with one boyfriend Right around the time her mother died, Jennette McCurdy went public with a new romance — this time with NBA star Renee Drummond, who she reportedly met through social media (via J-14).

Do Jennette McCurdy and Ariana get along?

While McCurdy may not look back at her time on Nickelodeon all that fondly, it seems she has nothing but nice memories when thinking about her co-stars. McCurdy and Grande may not talk as much as they did while filming Sam & Cat together, but it appears theyre still friends.

Is Jennette McCurdy dating anyone 2021?

Since then, there has been no reliable update on her love life. From 2014 to 2016, there were reports about McCurdy dating her Between co-star Jesse Carere, but they were never verified. It seems that Jennette McCurdy is currently not dating anyone or keeping her private life under wraps.

Does Jennette McCurdy have a twin in real life?

Jennette McCurdy has only brothers as her siblings. she doesnt have a sister at all. So No she doesnt have a twin sister. But she has played a character named Sam Puckett on Sam & Cat and she had an identical twin sister on that show named Melanie Puckett.

Are Jennette and Ariana still friends?

In early 2015, Jennette re-followed Ariana on a Twitter, and a couple of hours later, Ariana re-followed Jennette on Twitter too. However, theyre still not following each other on Instagram. Jennette said in an interview in February 2015 that she and Ariana are good friends.

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