Question: What do fake Tinder profiles want?

What are the fake Tinder profiles?

Oftentimes fake Tinder profiles will have model-like pictures as their main profile picture. These pictures look like theyre professionally taken. The models in these pictures are beautiful, and youll want to swipe right automatically. Its important to look through all of their pictures to see if theyre legit.

What to do if someone makes a fake Tinder profile?

If someones created a Tinder profile using your photos or other personal information, please write to us and include the following information:The reason for the report.The exact name, age, bio, and photos that appear on the profile that you are reporting (screenshots are best)More items

How can I look at Tinder profiles without an account?

1:122:53How To Search Tinder Profiles By Name Without an Account - YouTubeYouTube

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