Question: How do you tell ur friend u like their ex?

Tell others formally, text her ex is for dating, you date your ex is okay that you were giving them know how to. Free to identify, if youre still isnt over his. Youre the two apart, knowing the responsibility to. Ask him away if youve moved on and.

How do you tell your friend you like their ex?

Just be honest, tell her you have feelings for her ex, and ask her if she would mind if you went out with him. If they did have a bad breakup and/or if she tells you she wouldnt be comfortable with the two of you dating, just try to move past these feelings. Its not worth losing your friend.

What should I say to my friends ex?

Seven Things To Say To Your Best Friends Ex-BoyfriendEnough with the puppy dog eyes whenever you see her. Please stop cornering me at the gym to find out things about her life. Stop liking her Instagram pictures. Dont learn her class schedule. I had to fix what you broke. Get over it.More items •1 Jun 2015

How do I date my friends ex girlfriend?

Consult your friend first. Before you go sticking your tongue in stray orifices (like her face, ya pervert) talk to your friend and tell him how you feel. Follow your friends advice closely. So, maybe your friend is kinda cool with it, but has some reservations. Dont flaunt your love. Dont go behind their back.Mar 21, 2016

What do you say to a toxic ex best friend?

An Open Letter To My Toxic Ex-Best FriendIm sure that at one point you were my best friend but everything went down hill. Everyone around me noticed, but I didnt.. You drained me. No one deserves to feel the way you made me feel. Thats not a real friend.More items •Sep 13, 2016

How do you fix a friendship?

6 Ways to Mend a Broken Friendship and Have a Best friend for Open up about your feelings. No one can understand your feelings if you never talk about them— even if they are your best friends for years. Do apologize. We make mistakes. Give them some time. Listen to their opinions. Reminisce. See the changes.Jun 10, 2020

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