Question: How many people have found love on Clover?

Is Clover worth dating?

Clover isnt quite as well-known as other dating apps on the market, but this little gem is definitely worth checking out. The free version of the app may not have all the bonus features of a paid membership, but you still get a great idea of what Clover has to offer.

Who is Clover dating owned by?

Clover is a mobile dating app which connects with a users Facebook account, or their email address .Clover (mobile app)Developer(s)Clover Inc.Initial releaseMarch 17, 2014Stable release5.81 (iOS) & 2.7.1 (Android)Operating systemIOS 7 or later, Android 4.1 or later6 more rows

How do you date a Clover?

Clover has a feature where you can propose a time and a place to meet a woman for a date. Heres how to do it: At the bottom of a womans dating profile click the Request Date text and youll be able to suggest a time and place to meet her.

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