Question: Did Ciara used to date 50 Cent?

From 2007 to 2010, Ciara reportedly dated rapper Curtis Johnson aka 50 Cent. The pair got romantic after collaborating on the song Cant Leave Em Alone together.

Did Ciara and Lloyd date?

She also dated R&B singer Lloyd from 2003 to 2004; they attended the same high school. The two made a hit together, Like You, and they went on to date from 2004 to 2006. When they split, it was suggested that Bow Wow had cheated on Ciara with multiple other women.

Does future still love Ciara?

Baby Future is Life,Preciate u.” The love to Ciara is good to see after the two fought it out in court for years. The two settled their custody dispute back in 2017. They share joint custody with Future Jr. being with Ciara the majority of the time.

Did Keyshia Cole Date Bow Wow?

Bow Wow Reveals He Dated Keyshia Cole & Blac Chyna.

Fat Joe vs. Cuban Link, who had become embroiled in a beef with Fat Joe following Big Puns death, alleges that Joe set him up to be slashed, resulting in two permanent scars on the rappers face.

What is future baby daddy?

he is going to be the father of her baby.

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