Question: How do you date an INTP guy?

How do INTP date?

The INTPs dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Thinking. The INTP/ENTJ match is ideal, because these types shared Intuition as a common way of perceiving the world, but INTP/ESTJ is also a good match.

How does an INTP male show love?

The INTP man in love will show the depth of his feelings for his partner in his own way. While an INTP male will rarely be the first one in a relationship to express emotions verbally, they offer other signs such as devoting their time to their partner and taking an interest in what their partner finds compelling.

Who is attracted to INTP male?

INFJs, ENTPs, ENFPs, and ISFJs are often attracted to INTP males. INTP males and ENFP females often experience an almost primal/magnetic attraction to each other, but these relationships usually dont work out past a strong friendship+extra (due to conflict and frequent misunderstandings).

Are INTPs good dads?

While becoming a parent changes many people, INTP fathers often have the deepest parts of themselves bought out from this experience. The healthy and caring INTP father becomes a much warmer and more patient person as they dive into fatherhood.

Are INTP good parents?

The INTP parent is a calm and accepting ally for any child. INTPs are patient parents who open-mindedly accept their children for who they are, always enjoying opportunities to answer their childrens questions and help expand their minds.

What personality type is compatible with INTP?

The INTPs partner that is natural ENTJ or ESTJ. This means that INTPs are best matched with extraverted intuition, or those with extraverted feelings because introverted thinking is an INTPs dominant personality characteristic.

Are INTPs good with children?

They can promote a better relationship with their child by making themselves available; many INTPs enjoy going on car rides, listening to music, or just being able to work alongside their parents in a non-pressurized way.

Who are INTPs attracted to?

They are often attracted to people who are very passionate and this type of excitement for things can be inspiring for the INTP. Someone who is eager to live their lives to the fullest, and who has an intelligent way of approaching these goals.

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