Question: Whats the name of Vicki Gunvalsons boyfriend Brooks Ayers?

How much money did Brooks get from Vicki?

According to People, the court documents claim Ayers borrowed money from Gunvalson in 2011. They then had a written agreement in 2016 and “acknowledged the balance due on the loans in the amount of $184,899 to Gunvalson.” She said she loaned money to cover Ayers legal fees in 2013.

Are Vicki and Steve Lodge still together?

Gunvalson began dating Lodge, 61, in 2016 after crossing paths at a charity event. Her love popped the question in April 2019 after three years of dating. The duo were set to tie the knot in April 2020, but they delayed their ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Brooks faking cancer?

Ayers vehemently denied allegations that he was faking having cancer, standing by his story when ET spoke to him last September. Two months later, City of Hope Medical Center -- where Ayers claimed he had gotten chemo for stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma -- confirmed to ET that he had never been treated as a patient.

Did Vicki and Steve break up 2021?

On Wednesday, April 14, Vicki Gunvalson crashed Jeana Keoughs interview on Access. She wanted to address the persistent rumors that she broke up with her fiance to date a 23-year-old man. Vicki confirmed that shes still engaged to Steve Lodge and that theyre together in Mexico.

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