Question: Who should date a INTP?

Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, the INTPs natural partner is the ENTJ, or the ESTJ. The INTPs dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Thinking.

What INTP needs in a partner?

INTPs can be motivated partners who are able to objectively work through difficult personal problems. They need a lot of personal space and independence in a relationship. They tend to enjoy being with a partner who isnt easily offended in discussion and is able to be open minded and adaptable.

Would you date an INTP?

If you want someone who is brainy and logical, you should date an INTP. If you want someone who is complex and imaginative, you should date an INTP. If you want someone with intense and deep emotions who is very capable of warmth and affection, you should definitely date an INTP.

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