Question: Are there any free online dating sites in Poland?

Shemaleist is the best polish dating service for free! Mingle2.

What is the best dating site in Poland?

App App NamePublisher Publisher1Badoo — The Dating App to Chat, Date & Meet PeopleBadoo2Sympatia - dating, flirt, chatRingier Axel Springer Polska sp. z o.o.3Fotka - Flirt, chat and date people in your areaFotka.com4Dating and Chat - SweetMeetSweetMeet46 more rows

In March 2021, over 34 thousand users in Poland installed the dating app Badoo, making it the most downloaded app, followed by Tinder and LUV.

Is Tinder good in Poland?

Tinder. Still the reigning champion of dating apps, Tinder is as popular in Poland as it is everywhere else. The essential functions on Tinder are free – swiping through profiles and sending messages to your matches. But free users only get 100 right swipes every 12 hours, and that can go surprisingly quickly.

What are some Polish words?

Basic Polish Words & PhrasesYesTak(Tahk)Hi/Bye (informal)Cześć(Cheshch)Hello/Good day (formal)Dzień dobry(Jen doh-bri)Good evening (formal)Dobry wieczór(Doh-bri vyeh-choor)Good-byeDo widzenia(Doh veet-zen-ya)25 more rows•30 Apr 2021

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