Question: Who are the most clever women in El Salvador?

Who is the most famous person in El Salvador?

Salvadoran Famouse PersonalitiesMauricio Funes. Former President Of El Salvador. Roque Dalton. Poet. Luis Flores. YouTuber. José Napoleón Duarte. Salvadoran Political figure. Joaquin Eufrasio Buzman. Former President Of El Salvador. Francisco Flores Pérez. Salvadoran Politician. Claudia Lars. Poet. Óscar Romero.More items

Who are three famous people in El Salvador?

Who are three famous people in El Salvador?:: List of Famous People from El Salvador ::Chief Atlacatl. He was one of El Salvadors first heroes.Valentin Estrada.José Arturo Castellanos Contreras.José Matías Delgado y León.Manuel José Arce y Fagoaga.Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez.Roberto DAubuisson Arrieta.14 Feb 2021

Who is a famous singer in El Salvador?

Alvaro Torres – He is actually from Usulutan, El Salvador and was born on 9th April, 1954. He is the most influential song writer and also singer of this country. He wrote his first song when he was just 12 years old. Later, he has become the most popular song writer or singer and wrote/sung many songs.

What is a famous person from El Salvador?

José Matías Delgado was from San Salvador, the countrys capital, where he was born on the February 24, 1767. He was a doctor and a priest, and was widely known in the country as El Padre de la Patria Salvadoreña, or The Father of the Salvadoran Fatherland in English.

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