Question: How to tell old Fiestaware from New-cause a frockus?

The old inkstamp says “GENUINE fiesta (fiesta will be in a stylized text and all lower-cased words) HLCo USA. This marking will be in a straight line. In contrast, the new collection will have Fiesta with a capital “F” and the marks will be in a circular/curved format.

How do you tell old from new Fiestaware?

if the letters in the word, “Fiesta” are all LOWER CASE, then its OLD. if the letters in the word, “Fiesta” are all UPPER CASE, then its NEW.

How can you tell if Fiestaware is radioactive?

The only sure way to know if your Fiesta dinnerware is radioactive is to test it with a Geiger counter. Assuming you dont have a Geiger counter, you can tell which Fiestaware is radioactive based on the year it was made. Fiestaware made between 1936 and 1972 may be radioactive.

How do you date Fiestaware?

Flip over a Fiesta dish, cup or trivet, and you can determine that pieces production date down to the quarter of the year, if it has the three letter code backstamp.

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