Question: How does Mysinglefriend work as a dating site?

Its very easy to use, too. Once youve chosen a username and password and asked a friend to write something about you. You can search the site and view other peoples profiles. If you like someone, you can drop them a message, or you can wait for others to message you.

Does Sarah Beeny own MySingleFriend?

My Single Friend, an online dating website founded by the television presenter Sarah Beeny, has been put up for sale for up to £15m. Ms Beeny, who hosts Channel 4s Property Ladder programme, owns about 40 per cent of My Single Friend, which she co-founded with her friend Amanda Christie in 2004.

How much do dating app creators make?

Tech buy-back site Decluttr has crunched the numbers, looking at just how much money apps like Tinder, Bumble and Match are making every minute. Unsurprisingly, Tinder tops the charts, making a whopping $1,469 per minute, or $88,143 per hour.

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