Question: How many messages can you have on match?

What is limited messaging on match? provides limited chat features to its free members — just to give them a taste of flirtation. Free members cannot initiate a conversation, but they can read and respond to some messages from their mutual matches. Its free to join and see what the dating site has to offer.

How many messages should I send on match?

Happy to match with you Sophie, how was your day?” You should exchange 12 respectable messages. If youve put thought into your six messages, and shes put thought into her six messages, and you feel you might still have things to talk about, then say: “Id love to continue this in person over drinks.

What should I ask on match?

Some questions you can ask to get the ball rolling include:Whats your sense of humor like? Whats your dream bae-cation?Do you believe in astrology? What kind of music do you like and whats your ideal concert experience? What do you like to do with your friends?What is your ideal date activity?More items •Oct 22, 2019

Why does a conversation disappear on match?

You have blocked them, or they have blocked you. Your safety is our top priority, and its possible we have deleted their profile because they broke our rules. If this has happened, well display a message to let you know.

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