Question: What do metal heads do?

A metalhead is anyone who listens to, and loves metal music. “A metalhead is anyone who listens to, and loves metal music. Not all metalheads look the same, behave in the same way or like the same bands. The stereotypes that many critics automatically link to metalheads and metal itself are not always correct.

What do metalheads do?

Metalheads often sport long, wild hair and grow large beards, or cover themselves in tattoos and piercings. These features can be off-putting to most people, but to fans of metal music they symbolize a nonconformist philosophy and the freedom to live the way one chooses. Theres no dress code for metalheads.

Do metalheads only listen to metal?

Am I a poser if I only listen to one or two metal genres? Of course not. Many metalheads listen to a few genres, and at times only one. Theres so much music in each of these subgenres that itd be impossible to listen to all of them.

Are metalheads tough?

Being Strong doesnt mean when a Metalhead listens to Thrash Metal and wants his buddy to listen to it, while his buddy doesnt want to, but that Metalhead succeeds in forcing him to listen to. However, the problem arises when his buddy is being forced and a Metalhead tries to act tough on him.

How can you tell a metal Poser?

If youre really having fun while listening to metal, then youre a true metalhead. If you wanna use it to fit in or impress someone, then you would be a poser.

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