Question: How many Singaporeans use dating apps?

According to a survey on mobile dating apps conducted by Rakuten Insight in September 2020, approximately 64 percent of respondents in Singapore who used mobile dating apps stated that they used Tinder. The same survey found that around 32 percent of Singaporean respondents used mobile dating apps.

Do Singaporeans use dating apps?

Best Dating Apps in Singapore: Platforms for Casual Relationship Seekers to BTO Partner HuntersFor Meaningful Relationships: Coffee Meets Bagel. For the Young (At Heart): OkCupid. For Everyone: Tinder. For the Unabashed Local: Paktor. For Platonic, to Romantic, and even Professional: Bumble. For the Outgoing: Tantan.More items •Jun 29, 2021

Where can I take my girlfriend in Singapore?

Check out these 20 Perfect Romantic Places in Singapore to visit with your partner:Changi Point Coastal Walk. The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia. Universal Studios. Bukit Batok Town Park. Singapore River. Fort Canning Hill. Cable Car Dining. Marina Bay Sands.More items

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