Question: Who is Andy from Love Is Blind Dating now?

What is Mark Cuevas doing now?

What happened to Mark Cuevas? Of course, a great guy like Mark was snatched up quickly. He is currently engaged to Aubrey Rainey, who he met in an Atlanta restaurant. Not only are they the same age (bonus!), but they also now have a child together—a little baby named Ace.

Does Jessica and Mark have a baby?

During his time on the show, he was in a relationship with Jessica Batten. Jessica was portrayed as the over the top girl who brought lots of drama to the show. Since the show, Mark proposed to his now-fiancée, Aubrey Rainey. On April 24, 2020, the couple welcomed their first child, Ace Anthony Cuevas.

Did Barnett and Amber have a baby?

Love Is Blinds Amber & Barnett Just Revealed the Real Reason They Havent Had Kids Yet. Warning: Love Is Blind: After the Altar spoilers ahead. Those who have seen Love Is Blind may be wondering where the cast is now.

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