Question: Is herpes notifiable in Canada?

Genital herpes (GH) is the most common cause of genital ulceration, but is not reportable in Canada. Research in the United States has found that less than 10% of seropositive persons reported a diagnosis of GH. The present article investigates the rates of diagnosed cases of GH in Canada from 2002 to 2007.

Can you sue for getting herpes?

Yes, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against someone who infected you with herpes. You can sue even if the sex was consensual. The lawsuit would claim that the transmitter was negligent. He or she could have prevented the transmission of their herpes, but failed to do so.

Is it bad having herpes?

Herpes isnt deadly and it usually doesnt cause any serious health problems. While herpes outbreaks can be annoying and painful, the first flare-up is usually the worst. For many people, outbreaks happen less over time and may eventually stop completely.

Can you test yourself for herpes?

If you think you may have a herpes infection, home testing could be a convenient option for you. If youre wondering how to get tested for herpes at home, theres good news: testing for HSV-2 is easy with the Everlywell female STD Test or male STD Test.

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