Question: Who now carries Craftsman tools?

Most sales of Craftsman products today are in Sears stores and Sears-related retailers including Kmart, as well as Sears Hometown and Outlet stores, which separated from Sears Holding Corp., in 2012. Another 10% of Craftsman sales are at other retailers including Ace Hardware.

Can you still buy Craftsman tools?

A year after buying Craftsman from Sears, Stanley Black & Decker has fulfilled its promise to make the tools from one of Americas most iconic brands more widely available. Beginning May 14, youll be able to buy some Craftsman tools at Lowes, in addition to existing outlets Sears and Kmart.

Where can I buy Craftsman tools after Sears closes?

Stanley Black & Decker plans to roll out more than 1,200 new Craftsman products after acquiring the iconic tool brand from Sears last year.

Who replaces Craftsman tools now?

We will honor all lifetime warranties no matter where the CRAFTSMAN hand tool was purchased. We ask that customers bring in the item, and well replace it if we have the product. If we do not have the product, customers can call the Customer Care Hotline (883-331-4569).

Are Craftsman power tools any good?

Its general consensus that Craftsman tools are of lower quality than Those from DeWalt but theyre certainly cheaper. Craftsman tools are a budget pick and would serve well for light woodworking and light auto repair.

Are Snap-On Tools Made in USA?

Verdict: Are Snap-On Tools Made in the USA? Only certain Snap-On tools are still made in the USA. Most hand tools are still made in their facilities in Milwaukee and other U.S. manufacturing locations, but products like their cordless power drill kit are made in China, among other countries.

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