Question: Is there a Grindr for desktop?

Grindr has finally gone to desktop. To use the desktop version, users must log on in-app, as well as go to

Does Grindr work on desktop?

Youll need to open the app on your phone and open up Grindr on your desktop computer. On your phone, go to settings (by clicking on your profile and clicking on to the settings options) Youll see an option saying, “Log in to Grindr web”.

How do I use Grindr on my desktop?

To use the new function, users have to first log-onto their phones and open Grindr. After clicking settings, users just have to tap the “Grindr Web” tab tucked under the option to edit their profiles. After doing so, a screen to scan a QR code is dragged up. Thats when you load on your computer.

How do I download Grindr app on my PC?

As you open the Bluestacks emulator you will see an Android like user interface. Now open the Google Playstore from the Home page of Bluestacks. Now Search for Grindr on the search bar panel. Select and download the official app on your PC.

What is difference between Bumble and tinder?

Bumble is a dating app that works a lot like Tinder — if both people swipe right, its a match. The biggest difference is that in heterosexual pairings, women have to be the first one to send a message. Bumble also allows you to search for friends and business connections, rather than just dates.

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