Question: How old is Hakeem on empire in real life?

What is Hakeem off of Empire real name?

Bryshere Gray Bryshere Gray, who played Hakeem on the Fox drama Empire, was arrested near Phoenix today after his wife told police he assaulted her for hours and choked her unconscious at their home Sunday night. Local police said the actor was arrested early Monday outside his home in suburban Goodyear, AZ.

Who was Hakeem girlfriend on Empire?

Tiana Brown Lyon Tiana Brown Lyon is a recurring character in the first season of Empire and a main character in following seasons. She is a recording artist, the wife of Hakeem Lyon and the mother of Prince Lyon. She is portrayed by singer, Serayah.

Does YAZZ the greatest have a baby?

Empire star Yazz steals hearts, sharing adorable photo with TV daughter baby Bella. Bryshere Y. Gray, better known for his role as Hakeem Lyon on Foxs “Empire,” melted his fans hearts with a recent pic he shared spending some time with his on-screen daughter, baby Bella.

Who makes the most money on Empire?

Right now, Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard are the two highest paid actors on Empire, earning a reported $250,000 per episode. Some other cast members are a step down from those salaries, with Jussie Smollett allegedly earning $125,000 per episode alongside Bryshere Y. Gray, who plays Hakeem on the series.

Who does Hakeem end up with on Empire?

Youve got to fight. Viewers dont see a father-son reunion, likely due to the shooting schedule cut short, but the suggestion of one is there. Hakeem, too, appears to find peace with new wife Maya, recognizing her intelligence and value and ending his struggle to get out of their marriage.

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