Question: Is it normal to have roommates in NYC?

Due to this, it is not uncommon for New Yorkers to have roommates. In fact, around 40% of adult renters in NYC had roommates in 2017, which is higher than the national average of 30%. This is not a new trend as the amount of adult living with roommates have increased every year in all age brackets.

Do most New Yorkers have roommates?

As the cost of living outstrips increases in income, more and more people in New York City and across the United States are getting roommates. At least 40% of adult New Yorkers live with one, according to analysis of 2016 census data by real estate company Zillow — up from 30% in 2005.

Should I get a roommate in NYC?

Adding a Roommate in NYC Will Save Nearly $13K Per Year Looking at median asking rents for apartments on the market in the first quarter of 2018, the potential savings from sharing a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment compared to renting ones own studio or 1-bedroom are substantial.

How much does it cost to live in New York with a roommate?

New York Roommate-Share Apartment Rentals (1 month to indefinitely)Manhattan (below 110th Street)Brooklyn/Queens/OtherRoom with private bathroom$1700 to $3500$750 to $1500Room with shared bathroom$1000 to $3500$600 to $3000

How much does the average roommate pay in NYC?

The report, compiled by SmartAsset, shows in NYC, renters pay $2,915/month on average for a one-bedroom and $3,717/month for a two-bedroom, and those who split the rent with a roommate can save $1,056/month. That means that those who share an apartment could save as much as $12,600 per year each.

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