Question: What is Russian Reddit?

What is living in Moscow like Reddit?

Moscow is really big and full of cozy, ugly, beautiful, disgusting and any you can imagine places. I really like that there are many forests in here. You can go and have your quite time there, like there is no city around, when you get tired of this crazy quickly life.

Is Reddit in Russia?

Today Reddit was blocked in Russia, and I am the one who posted this post which lead to this. In Russia, there is a law which allow Roskomnadzor, Russian censorship agency, to block any website without court rulling. Two years ago I tested how RKN react to abuse on popular websites/crazy abuses.

What is the backwards N in Russian?

CharactersCyrillic letterLatin look-alikeActual pronunciationЖX, backwards and forwards K/ʐ/ similar to treasureЗE, numeral 3/z/ as in zooИbackwards N/i/ as in tree or [ɪ] as in himЙN, Ñ, Ň/i̯/ as in pay22 more rows

What is the letter A in Russian?

Russian Alphabet Table Russian Lesson 1Russian CharacterEnglish EquivalentLetter Name in RussianА аА аahБ бB bbehВ вV vvehГ гG ggeh29 more rows

How come Russia is so big?

With all due respect to the fine people of Siberia, Central Asia, Kamchatka and the Urals, Russia is huge, in part, because so much of its great land mass was either uninhabitable or uninhabited for centuries.

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