Question: What does rave BAE mean?

A “Rave Bae” is essentially someone who you didnt come to the event with who you end up spending your evening with.

What is rave slang for?

an extravagantly enthusiastic appraisal or review of something. 7. chiefly Brit slang. a boisterous party, esp. a dance.

What is rave in texting?

Rave Definition: To dance and party as hard as you can all night long.

What are rave kids called?

Kandi kids No matter how old these kids are, their entire existence (at a rave) is devoted to PLUR, colored bracelets (affectionately known as kandi), and giving big hugs or treats to the people around them. Dont assume theyre always on drugs; some of them are just high on the music. Or the drugs.

What is a rave alert?

It allows you to quickly receive emergency communications and other important information via text message and email. Notifications may be about inclement weather alerts or emergency incidents on campus.

Why do Kids rave?

Why do kids want to go to raves? Kids go to raves for the atmosphere (they call it the “vibe”). They like to dance to elec- tronic music played by a disc jockey or “DJ,” and they like to meet other young people.

What is getRave? Alert. Get Emergency text messages from your school delivered directly to your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

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