Question: What kind of guys are there in college?

What college guys look for in a girl?

Person #1: “I like when a girl is funny and when shes able to laugh at her mistakes. I also really like short girls.” Person #2: “I like funny girls, and I like girls who have really good style.” Person #3: “Im not sure about a physical one.

What types of guys are there?

The following are ten different types of guys women date and what dating these types of men could say about you.Mr. Narcissist. Mr. Emotionally Unavailable. Mr. Needs-To-Be-Fixed. Mr. Commitment-Phobe. Mr. Parasite. Mr. Bully. Mr. Pushover. Mr. Taken.More items •1 Aug 2021

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What do guys like in a girl teenage?

Guys do not expect perfection, but they do like being around a girl with confidence. This is especially true when she has her own body confidence. Teenage guys are already struggling with their own body images; they like to see a potential mate be comfortable with her body.

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