Question: Is b2 dating site free?

Registration for Be2 is free, as is the personality test and the matching-making service. Once youve completed the test you can view your best matches, ranked by your Be2 index of compatibility.

Is b2 dating free?

be2 Costs and Prices All of the contacting features of be2 requires a premium subscription. If you are a free member, all you can do is view your daily matches. However, most members choose to hide their profile pictures to free members, and you can only request access to see them if you have a premium membership.

Is b2 dating site good?

be2 App. Be2s mobile app offers the same features as its website counterpart. It is designed to give an excellent mobile dating experience to all be2 members. Overall, the mobile app is good to use when you want to check your daily matches and reply to your messages.

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