Question: What do you get a guy that doesnt drink?

What do you give someone who doesnt drink?

A nice bottle of olive oil, good flakey sea salt, coasters, or napkins! Patty: A simple vase or glass jar with flowers is always a welcome gift! Just show you put some thought into it by unwrapping the flowers from their grocery store cellophane and trimming them to fit a vase.

What can I take instead of alcohol?

8 Edible Treats to Bring to a Celebration Instead of BoozeHomemade Baked Goods. People love baked goods. Store-Bought Fancy Cookies. International Snack Items. Interesting Cheese and/or Artisan Breads. Guacamole, Spinach Dip, and Salsas. Nuts. Chocolate-Covered Fruit. Grissini, Cheese Straws, and Other Savory Puffs.7 Apr 2017

Should you ask someone why they dont drink?

Asking somebody to explain why theyre off the booze can make them uncomfortable — and even derail their health goals, says Alcohol and Drug Foundation spokesperson Laura Bajurny. Keep in mind that most answers to that question are personal.

Is it rude to not drink?

To refuse to drink is often considered rude and disrespectful. If anything, you ought to take the drink, thank him for it, and hang on to it while you all chat. Drinking is often more for the benefit of everyone elses comfort than it is for your own.

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