Question: How do I use Chromecast on my Onkyo receiver?

What is Onkyo Chromecast?

Chromecast built-in is an audio streaming platform that allows users to share a wide selection of music, Internet radio, podcasts, and other programs from popular Chromecast-enabled apps to Onkyo home entertainment systems. Users can answer calls, send emails, or play games without interrupting audio playback.

How do I connect my Chromecast to my sound system?

Get started with these simple steps:Plug Chromecast Audio into your speaker using the audio cable. Then connect the USB power cable to your Chromecast Audio and plug the other end into a power outlet using the included power supply. Download the Google Home app. Set up Chromecast Audio. Enjoy your music!

Can I connect chromecast audio to my receiver?

Connect your Chromecast Audio The Chromecast Audio can be connected to any amplifier, receiver, or active speaker. If your amplifier or speaker has an AUX (3.5mm jack) connector, you can use the included AUX cable. Make sure your smartphone or tablet has the latest updates.

Is Onkyo going out of business?

As fiscal 2021 came to a close, and after tremendous effort involving pursuing a major debt-for-equity deal with one or more international equity companies that ultimately failed, Onkyo was forced once again to say their forecasts for 2021 show that the company remains insolvent.

What replaced Onkyo NR696?

Shop for Onkyo TX-NR696 Last year Onkyo manufactured our favorite receiver under $500: The TX-NR585, which has no direct replacement in 2019. Instead, the TX-NR696 is the brands new mid-level offering, and its a winner.

Why was Chromecast Audio discontinued?

The official reason Google provided for discontinuing the Audio line was that they already had many products for users to enjoy their music and podcasts. They informed customers the Chromecast Audio would still be supported but no longer manufactured.

What is the best Chromecast app?

Plex has consistently been one of the best Chromecast apps available. Plex streams video content from your computer to almost anywhere. The app lets you stream it from your computer to your phone and then directly to the Chromecast.

How long do Onkyo receivers last?

My expectations are that a receiver should last at least 10 years. Onkyos have tons of features, but I would take durability over features. I just replaced my Onkyo with a Pioneer (now owned by Onkyo).

Why did Google stop making Chromecast Audio?

Asked why it had to cancel the device, Google explained that it simply lost a proper place in as the companys product portfolio broadens. Our product portfolio continues to evolve, and now we have a variety of products for users to enjoy audio, said the company.

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