Question: Has Lily Allen been married before?

Who is Lily Allens first husband?

Sam Cooper Lily AllenSpouse(s)Sam Cooper ​ ​ ( m. 2011; div. 2018)​ David Harbour ​ ​ ( m. 2020)​Children2Parent(s)Keith Allen Alison OwenRelativesAlfie Allen (brother) Kevin Allen (uncle) Sam Smith (third cousin)11 more rows

Who is Lily Allens husband?

David Harbourm. 2020 Sam Cooperm. 2011–2018 Lily Allen/Husband Lily Allens husband David Harbour reveals conversation with her daughters that pushed him to marrying her.

How did Lily Allen meet husband?

Harbour revealed all about his first date with Allen in The New York Times. They sat down for dinner at The Wolseley restaurant in London between shooting scenes for the Marvel movie Black Widow. They first arranged to meet after initially matching on the celebrity dating app Raya, according to Allen.

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