Question: Is it safe to use site mains in caravan?

Can I leave my caravan on site?

Well, with a caravan, you can. Many campsites have a number of spaces allocated for seasonal pitching – where a touring caravan can be left in the same spot all summer or all year – allowing the owners to visit any time they want.

Can I claim my caravan site fees back?

As we explain above, a full refund is unlikely as your caravan will still be benefiting from site maintenance and security, and youre still being charged to keep your van there. Competition regulator the CMA has indicated to us that partial refunds should be considered.

Are tow bar electrics tested on MOT?

Just been reading at work that as from 1st January 2012 the car towing electrics will be tested as part of the MOT test. Any lights not working will result in a failure of the test.

What do caravan site fees cover?

A static caravan site fee, or pitch fee as we usually refer to it, is the amount you pay to keep your holiday home at the park for the year. It includes the cost of making water and electricity available to your holiday home and winter storage for parks that dont have a 12-month season.

Should I pay my static caravan site fees?

Do I have to pay council tax on a static caravan? No, council tax is not owed on a static caravan, provided you are not living in it residentially. As holidays homes dont count as your primary address, you will not be charged. Yet another great reason to make your second home a park home!

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