Question: What should I avoid in Bali?

What should you not buy in Bali?

10 Stupid Things People Buy in BaliWooden phalluses.Nasty bumper stickers.Bintang singlets.Counterfeit designer gear.String or bead bracelets.Airbrushed surf paintings and decorative mini surfboards.Luwak or civet cat-poop coffee.Bornean blowpipes and bow and arrows.More items

What is famous in Bali to buy?

What to Buy in Bali?Jewellery. Source. Silverware is one of the best things to buy in all of Bali. Chocolates and Coffee. Source. Fragrances. Source. Bags. Source. Handicrafts. Source. Streetwear. Source. Beachwear. Source. Clothing. Source.More items

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