Question: Is Lee Seung Gi in a relationship?

It seems like some of Lee Seung Gis fans are unhappy about his relationship with Lee Da In after they discovered the actresss family background. Last May 24, it was revealed that the two Korean stars are dating and this was confirmed by Da Ins management label.

Is Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in still together?

Lee Seung-gis agency claimed that they were not able to clarify if he and Lee Da-in were still together. The Vagabond stars agency said, “it was hard to verify. Lee Da-ins agency also released a similar statement. Addressing the rumors of the break up, 9ATO Entertainment stated they were not well-versed on this.

Is Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy in a relationship?

The actors, who never worked together, dated for three years. It was reported that Lee Min-ho asked Bae Suzy out, and the two were spotted together in London. However, three years later, the couple announced their split due to conflicting schedule issues.

What is the age of Lee Seung-gi?

34 years (January 13, 1987) Lee Seung-gi/Age

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