Question: Can you hide that you are online on Zoosk?

From your computer: scroll down the Search page and click on the Go invisible button. Once selected, the bar at the top of your profile will turn from blue to purple and you can avail of this feature for 30 minutes. A countdown will be displayed from the time that this feature has been activated.

How do you hide on Zoosk?

After you click “Edit” next to “Account Status,” youll have the option to click “Pause Account” or “Deactivate Account.” Pausing the account is the same as hiding your profile, so click that option. Then a pop-up will appear. This is where Zoosk explains what hiding your profile means.

Can you see when someone was last online on Zoosk?

Zoosk has a couple of notifications you can use to give you clues as to whether a person has used it recently or not. In particular, Zoosk uses a blue dot in the persons profile to indicate whether they have been active within the past seven days. There is no x was last active on date setting in Zoosk.

Does Zoosk show fake views?

They arent really viewing your profile Zoosk populates your Views with people to make you think you are popular, so you will frequent the site. Zoosk is deceptive and playing games with your emotions!

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