Question: What name shows up on Kik?

Your display name is the name you give people to contact you using the app, and it also provides a way to find your profile in a Kik search or even a search engine. It is this name that you can change. To change your Kik display name, do the following: Open Kik and log in.

Can phone contacts see Kik?

Kik will use the email addresses and phone numbers in your contacts to find your friends who use the app. Start by installing Kik if you havent yet done so. Open Kik and tap “Register”. Youll be prompted to enter your contact information, and also to choose a unique username for your Kik account.

How do I change my display name on Kik?

To change your Kik display name, do the following:Open Kik and log in.Select the “cog” icon in the top-right section of the main page to access settings.Select “Your Account” from the options.Tap on “Name.”Change your display name to something else, then click on “SAVE” in the top-right section.More items •27 Jun 2021

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