Question: How do I use Foursquare?

How do businesses use Foursquare?

To start, enter your businesss name into Foursquare. If a profile for your business already exists, you can claim your businesss Foursquare page for a small fee. If it doesnt exist, you can go ahead and add your listing. Once you claim your listing, you can make edits, curate photos, and create Foursquare ads.

What is Foursquare on my phone?

Foursquare is a social networking service available for common smartphones, including the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android-powered phones. To use Foursquare on these devices, download the free app. The apps purpose is to help you discover and share information about businesses and attractions around you.

Do people use Foursquare anymore?

The once-hyped social media company, known for gamifying mobile check-ins, is still alive and well as an incomprehensibly vast data empire. Foursquare knows where their phones are in real time, because it powers many widely used apps, from Twitter and Uber to TripAdvisor and AccuWeather.

How do I set up Foursquare?

Step 1: Open your browser and go to and click on “Sign Up.” Step 2: You need to register first in order to create a listing on Foursquare. To register, fill out the information fields and click “Sign Up.” Step 3: Go to your e-mail account and verify your account on

Is Foursquare free for businesses?

Its free so theres no reason not to. Remember, this account is for you as a PERSON, not your business. (Think of the difference between your personal Facebook account and your business page.) Once the listing verification is complete, you can access your business account.

Is Foursquare dying?

Once upon a time, Foursquare was the social-location app that had businesses and users alike clamoring to provide their location data through a cutesy check-in process that afforded more than just digital clout. But now in 2018, Foursquare has largely abandoned social.

What Happened to the Foursquare app?

In 2014, Foursquare decided to ditch its original legacy app. Instead, the company announced, it would offer check-ins and ambient location-sharing via a new app called Swarm and the new and improved Foursquare would focus solely on place recommendations, essentially turning Foursquare into a direct competitor to Yelp.

How much is Foursquare worth?

In 2016, Foursquare raised a new $45 million Series D round from investors including Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. The round reportedly gave the company a new valuation of $350 million—half its valuation from just three years earlier.

Is Foursquare reliable?

The Foursquare database now includes 105 million places and 14 billion check-ins. The result, experts say, is a map that is often more reliable and detailed than the ones generated by Google and Facebook.

Why did Foursquare Swarm fail?

The problem is that Foursquares future and business model relies in perfecting the Yelp-like business and monetizing via location-based ads; its past is in gamification via badges and check-ins. Weekly complains that Swarm crashes all the time and as a result, Foursquare has failed at everything it was once good at.

How does Foursquare make money?

Foursquare makes its money through in-app (or on-webpage) advertisement to its users, as well as by selling consumer information to other businesses (through “Foursquare Pinpoint”). The software monitors foot traffic, and then compiles user data to determine which demographics most commonly frequent businesses.

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