Question: What is args real name?

James Argent is a reality TV star, born on December 5, 1987 - his nickname is Arg.

How old is Arg?

33 years (December 5, 1987) James Argent/Age

What does Arg do for a living?

Actor TV Personality James Argent/Professions

Who are args parents?

Martin Argent Patricia Argent James Argent/Parents

Is James Argent rich?

Star of TOWIE, TV personality, singer and radio presenter James Arg Argent has an estimated net worth of £800,000.

Who are James Argent parents?

Martin Argent Patricia Argent James Argent/Parents

Is Gatsby TOWIE rich?

According to The Sun in 2018, Gatsby is “reportedly worth millions.” Hes said to have made his dosh as a real estate broker and as a business partner in the London Dermatology Centre. Although it is unconfirmed what Gatsbys net worth is, Metro reported that it is estimated at £2m in 2018.

Who is the father of Lydia brights baby?

The former TOWIE star, 29, called an end to her on-off romance with Lorettas father, Lee Cronin, earlier this year but confirmed he still sees their child every weekend.

What happened Arg weight?

JAMES Arg Argent is swamped by his baggy shirt while proudly showing off his 5.5 stone weight loss after gastric surgery. The 33-year-old star is noticeably thinner after having the life-saving operation earlier this year. The former Towie favourite proudly beamed as he revealed his new furniture on Instagram today.

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