Question: Is it normal to not like hookup culture?

If youre not into hookup culture, theres definitely nothing wrong with you. In fact, many people struggle to embrace this attitude and approach to sex and relationships. Its better to know that hookup culture isnt for you, too.

Why you should not hookup?

Many health experts argue that hookups can do more harm than good. They worry that hooking up can do a disservice to young women by negating their emotional needs, putting them at increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and leaving them unprepared for lasting relationships.

Should you hook up?

Overall, if you are not genuinely interested in having casual sexual interactions, then do not feel obligated to hookup and hope it turns into a relationship. Instead, look for someone interested in committing, build a connection and trust with them, and then have things get sexual when you are ready.

How do you tell a hookup you dont want to see them again?

Keep It Simple“Im not interested in taking this any further.”“I had a good time, but I dont think were a match.”“I think youre great, but I dont think the two of us are a good fit for each other.”“I didnt want to ghost you. I enjoyed our time together, and Id like to leave it at that.”Feb 22, 2017

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