Question: How does AIMM work to set up a first date?

How does AIMM work?

AIMM is a voice-only matchmaking app where users talk about themselves and what they want instead of thoughtlessly swiping through profiles. The interface turns the matchmaking process into a conversation, and it uses voice recognition software to determine which singles will hit it off.

What is AI matchmaking?

The matchmaking capabilities of AI use Deep Learning Algorithms to connect two closest objects. They use millions of data to search, analyse and make comparisons in matchmaking. They offer you options or recommendations in order of priority.

How do you network B2B?

I spoke with these 21 B2B leaders to learn more about how they are networking during a time of crisis.1) Be Open to New Platforms. 2) Connect through Facebook Groups. 3) Industry-Specific Twitter Chats. 4) Dont Ask to be Included, Take the Initiative. 5) Connect with the Human Beyond the Screen. 6) Build Relationships.More items •16 Jul 2020

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