Question: Is it legal to get married in Northern Ireland?

Any two people can marry in Northern Ireland as long as: they are unmarried or are not in a civil partnership (any previous marriage or civil partnership must have been ended by divorce, death, or annulment or dissolution) they are capable of understanding the nature of a marriage ceremony and of agreeing to marriage.

What do you need to get married in Northern Ireland?

Documents neededyour full (long version) birth or adoption certificate.your passport or national identity card - the Registrar can advise on alternatives if you do not hold either of these.a consent form (if you aged 16 or 17)More items

Where can I get married in Northern Ireland?

Best Wedding Venues in Northern IrelandTullyveery House. Tullyveery House is a fantastic venue if youre planning an outdoor wedding in Northern Ireland. Clandeboye Estate and Courtyard. Beech Hill Country House Hotel. The Ulster Hall. The Merchant Hotel. Queens Film Theatre. Drenagh House. The Carriage Rooms at Montalto.More items

Can I get legally married at home?

So if you choose to hold your ceremony at home you will need to visit a registry office at some point beforehand to sign your wedding paperwork. If a licence is granted your ceremony can then be conducted by a registrar, making it legally binding (although of course it would not be as personal).

Can you get married on the beach in Northern Ireland?

Get Married On The Beach in Northern Ireland If you live or travelling to the Causeway Coast and Glens area of Northern Ireland, you can get married in a civil or religious ceremony on any council maintained beach in the borough.

Do you need a birth certificate to get married in Scotland?

Each marriage notice should be accompanied by: a fee. birth certificates or adoption certificates. a civil partnership certificate if youre converting a civil partnership to marriage by a marriage ceremony.

Can you get married on a Sunday in Ireland?

Churches across Ireland are set to break from centuries of tradition by allowing weddings to take place on Sundays. Just 244 weddings took place in Ireland between late March and mid-July because of coronavirus.

What paperwork do I need to get married in Scotland?

How to get marriedyour birth certificate.evidence of where you live, for example a bank statement with your address.your divorce certificate if you or your partner were previously married.your dissolution certificate if you or your partner were previously in a civil partnership.More items •Aug 9, 2021

How much is it to get married in a registry office in Scotland?

Civil ceremony fees Depending on the date and time of your ceremony the cost will vary: £125-£365 in a Registration office. £345-£365 in a venue. £125 for a civil partnership registration with no ceremony, office based only.

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