Question: How legit is seeking arrangements?

Seeking Arrangements has a consumer rating of 1.77 stars from 277 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Seeking Arrangements most frequently mention sugar daddies, fake profiles and customer service problems.

Is Seeking Arrangement trustworthy?

If youre looking for the real sugar dating experience, Seeking Arrangement is 100% the best option youre going to find out there. The site is packed with quality singles, has features designed specifically for sugar dating, and offers the safety and verification processes needed to maintain a quality experience.

Can you message on Seeking Arrangement without paying?

The only thing that your free trial at Seeking Arrangement does not allow you to do is send or read your messages without upgrading to a paid account. Members will be able to send you messages, but you wont be able to open them up without upgrading your account.

Why did my Seekingarrangement account get deleted?

Reasons for account suspension can include: Reports by other members about your profile or conduct. Abusive, vulgar or sexually explicit language. Asking for money up front or in advance of your date.

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