Question: Does Diamond Platnumz have a child?

How many baby mamas does diamond have?

Popular Bongo Flava star Naseeb Abdul Juma alias Diamond Platnumzhas revealed he may have sired six children and not four - Latiffa and Nillan with Zari Hassan, Dylan (Hamisa Mobetto) and Naseeb Junior (Tanasha Donna) - as it is widely known.

Who is Diamond wife?

Diamond is a Muslim. With his former partner, South African based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, he has two children. He became a father for the third time withTanzanian model Hamisa Mobeto. As of 2019 Diamond was dating Kenyan model and musician Tanasha Donna, with whom he fathered one son, born in October 2019.

Does Zari have kids with diamond?

She has two children with Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz.

Does Wema Sepetu have a child?

Wema, Diamonds ex-lover is also now pregnant and former Big Brother Africa winner Idris Sultan claims he is the father. However, a Tanzania daily has now alluded that the yet to be born baby could be a politicians, a man who is said to have been bankrolling the popular model.

What is a diamond child?

Diamond Children are children born since 2012. Diamond Children are most enlightened children who bring with them to the world their very own special gifts. In addition, they have unique notable characteristics, which can be identified from the moment of their birth or during the first year of their life.

How old is diamond platinum?

31 years (October 2, 1989) Diamond Platnumz/Age

Why Diamond broke up with Zari?

Obvious reason? Infidelity. She revealed how she could no longer stomach the bongo artists cheating ways and for the sake of her wellbeing, she had been forced to end their relationship. Hours after posting, her message has gone viral with her fans baying for Diamonds blood.

Is Zari older than Diamond?

It has been revealed that socialite Zari Hassan aka the Boss Lady is about 12 years older than the Bongo Flava crooner Diamond Platinumz. When the Zari was dating Diamond Platnumzs who is 29, she would say that their age difference was not more than 10 years.

What did Diamond say about Zari?

Diamond clearly proclaimed that Zari and Tiffah are his very being, Roho ya Mimi, meaning he loves them to the core. Many of his fans were impressed - and camped on the comments section to pamper the two with affection.

How much does Diamond Platnumz earn per show? Jan. 2014: While performing in Tanzania, Diamond charges a fee in the region of Sh350,000 per show and when invited outside his country, he settles for not less than 25,000 US dollars (Ksh 2.1 million). He never misses two to four shows a week.

How did Wema Sepetu lose weight?

“Like many, Wema Sepetu struggled with obesity for a while. It is until she met Viva Serenity that she finally found a solution. She signed a brand ambassadorship agreement and began her weight loss journey by setting in place a plan to undergo the Mini Gastric Bypass surgery.

What does Wema Sepetu do?

The company deals with movies production and Artists management, they have managed some of Tanzanian musicians such as Mirror and Ally Luna. The company has produced movies such as Superstar, Unexpected, Day After Death, Family, and Heaven Sent.

What is a StarChild?

In folklore and fiction, a kind of changeling or foundling, a child seemingly having fallen from the stars and not of ordinary human descent.

What does having a love child mean?

countable noun. If journalists refer to someone as a love child, they mean that the person was born as a result of a love affair between two people who have never been married to each other.

Who is the richest musician in East Africa 2019?

Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi is the richest musician in East Africa. He is amongst the earliest breeds of the new-age artists in the music industry to make a massive breath through. He has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

How many children does Zari the Bosslady have?

From her first marriage with the late Ivan Ssemwanga, The Ugandan native brought forth three boys namely Diddy, Quincy, and Pinto. Zari also took care of Ivans three other kids whom he had with his previous wife. After getting in a relationship with Diamond, who is nine years younger the duo had two children together.

How much money does Diamond Platnumz have in 2020?

Diamond Platnumz - $7 million Diamond Platnumz net worth is a cumulative sum of his income from music, endorsement deals, businesses, and assets.

Who is the richest artist in Kenya?

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Kenya 2021RankRichest Kenya MusiciansEstimated Net Worth#1Sauti Sol$20 million#2Bahati$15 million#3Lady Wanja$12 million#4Akothee$10 million6 more rows

What makes you an indigo child?

Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The idea is based on concepts developed in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappe and further developed by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

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