Question: Why did House fake his death?

Major Events. House tries to get Foreman to lie for him so he wont have to go to jail until after Wilson has died. House almost gets trapped in a burning building as he hallucinates about Kutner, Amber, Stacy and Cameron. House fakes his death so he can be with Wilson during Wilsons last five months.

Why did House go to jail?

He runs into a particularly difficult patient at the clinic, who turns out to be a police officer, who then makes it his business to get House sent to jail for possessing Vicodin illegally.

Did House die at the end?

House did die. Kutner, his “suicidal friend,” appeared as a hallucination and tried to convince House to save himself. Thats when it became clear: After years of saving people, Houses friends had to save him.

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