Question: Where to go on a date in Thailand?

What is the best island to stay in Thailand?

Koh Samui. Best island for: an all-rounder Thai island for first-timers, families and honeymooners. Phuket. Best island for: partying, uber-cool pool villas and serene nooks. Koh Lanta. Best island for: peaceful bohemian vibes and adults-only holidays. Koh Phangan. Koh Samet. Koh Phi Phi. Koh Yao Yai & Koh Yao Noi.

Where is the clearest water in Thailand?

Kantiang Bay, Ko Lanta Its found just before you enter the sparsely populated deep south of the island, which means the beach is surrounded by deep green jungle and national park land. The beach features white sand and crystal clear waters speckled with a handful of resorts.

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