Question: What are Cubas beliefs?

What do most Cubans believe in?

Cubas prevailing religion is Christianity, primarily Roman Catholicism, although in some instances it is profoundly modified and influenced through syncretism.

What are some values of Cuban culture?

The core values of the Cuban people can be found in the moral principles, philosophy and writings of the national hero Jose Martí. The values of human dignity; personal, cultural, national identity; patriotism; human solidarity and connection to others; and social justice profoundly influence the Cuban Constitution.

What are 2 facts about Cuba?

Five fun facts about CubaThe main island of Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. Cubas coastline stretches over 3500 miles. The most popular sport in Cuba is baseball. Cubas three biggest exports are tobacco, sugar and nickel. Cuba has nine UNESCO World Heritage sites.

What is Cubas main source of income?

Cuba produces sugarcane, tobacco, citrus, coffee, rice, potatoes, beans and livestock. As of 2015, Cuba imported about 70–80% of its food. and 80–84% of the food it rations to the public.

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