Question: How does be2 work?

How does be2 work? Be2 uses a clever algorithm to match up members based on the information they enter. You take the scientific personality assessment to determine your unique partner recommendations, which will ensure youre only introduced to people that the assessment has determined youll get on with.

How do I use be2?

Signing Up at be2 If you are gay, you can pick the same gender. Then, you need to provide your email address for your account verification and billing purposes. Nominate a username after. Once your username has been approved, you will be asked to answer a personality test.

How do I deactivate be2?

How To Delete Your ProfileFirst you need to login to on the icon right next to your name located on the top righ hand site of the site.Then click on SettingsThen click on Delete Your Profile.Now you need to approve your profile deletion finally.14 Apr 2018

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