Question: Does Rain have a child?

Korean power couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee welcomed their first child, a daughter, into the world last month. The new parents have been fiercely protective over her and have not disclosed much information about their newborn after the birth.

How many kids does Kim Tae have?

2 Kim Tae-heeYears active2001–presentAgentBS Company (Korea) Sweet Power (Japan)Spouse(s)Rain ​ ( m. 2017)​Children212 more rows

Does Rain Kpop have a kid?

Marriage and children On October 25, 2017, Kim gave birth to their first child. She gave birth to their second child on September 19, 2019.

How many kids does Rain and Kim Tae have?

Kim Tae Hee shows off her 2 beloved daughters? Both children share many similarities with Kim Tae Hee and Bi Rain. However, this information was later corrected as the two babies in the photo only participated in an advertisement starring Kim Tae Hee.

Who is rain wife?

Kim Tae-heem. 2017 Jeong Ji-hoon/Wife

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