Question: What does RM mean in front of name on dating sites?

What does RM before a screen name mean?

RM means Remake.

What does RM stand for in BTS?

Rap Monster Signature. Kim Nam-joon (Korean: 김남준; born September 12, 1994), better known by his stage name RM (formerly Rap Monster), is a South Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer. He is the leader of the South Korean boy group BTS. In 2015, he released his first solo mixtape, RM.

What does RM mean after a name?

(ɑːr em ) RM is written after someones name to show that they are an officer of the Royal Marines, one of the units which make up the United Kingdoms armed forces.

What is RM in Nokia?

The RM in nokia model numbers is in no way related to the radio, radiation or sar. Its simply a number assigned to a product before it gets its consumer name. The exact meaning of the term RM is what is unknown, not what the number is relating to.

How do you calculate RM in finance?

Rm = average expected rate of return on the market. Rf = theoretical risk free rate of return = 4%. Beta = relative market risk = 1.2. Rm = average expected rate of return on the market = 9%.

What is RN and RM?

(iv) RN & RM means a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife (RN & RM) and denotes a nurse who has completed successfully, recognised Bachelor of Nursing (B.Sc.

Who is the most flirty in BTS?

Even BTS members agreed several times that Jimin is the one who flirts the most. During their performances, he was many times seen going shirtless to woo his audience.

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