Question: Who is the most beautiful bodybuilder?

Who is the best looking bodybuilder?

Here are what we believe are the top 10 most aesthetically pleasing and impressive physiques of all time.#8 – Frank Zane.#7 – Ronnie Coleman (1998 and 1999)#6 – Kevin Levrone.#5 – Arnold Schwarzenegger.#4- Lee Haney.#3 – Dexter Jackson.#2 – Shawn Ray.#1 – Flex Wheeler.More items

Who is No 1 body builder?

1) Ronnie Coleman - Ronnie Coleman will hardly have anyone in the world of bodybuilding who does not know. He has also won the title of Mr. Olympia 8 times. They also have world records of weightlifting.

Who was bigger Arnold or Lou?

Arnold stood 62” and weighed between 230-240 pounds. Ferrigno was even bigger, standing 65” and weighing an enormous 275 pounds for a competition.

Did Cutler ever win Mr Olympia?

Sterling, Massachusetts, U.S. Jason Isaac Cutler (born August 3, 1973) is a retired American professional bodybuilder. An IFBB pro, he is a four-time Mr. Olympia winner, having won in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010.

What was Arnold Schwarzeneggers max bench?

500 pounds At his bodybuilding peak and on his way to becoming a seven-time Mr Olympia, the Austrian Oak could bench press 500 pounds (226kg), deadlift loads more while showing feats of strengths that saw him hold numerous lifting records all over Europe.

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