Question: Is it OK to give up on love?

If youve been searching for love for some time with no luck, you may start feeling like its completely hopeless. But according to experts, giving up on love isnt a great a option, especially if its something you really want it.

How do you give up on someone you love so much?

How to Stop Loving SomeoneAcknowledge the truth.Name your needs.Accept the significance.Look forward.Tap into other bonds.Go inward.Give yourself space.Accept that it takes time.More items •14 Jan 2020

What does giving up on love mean?

When you give up on love and no longer believe it love exists or is meant for you, the idea of romantic relationships can start to overwhelm you. Perhaps, you have been in long-term relationships or a marriage that has reached the point of stagnation. Eventually, even relationships you invest a lot in may come undone.

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