Question: How old are Kerr Mason jars?

These jars were made from 1904 until World War II, when they were discontinued in favor of the Kerr Glass Top. The line was reinstated about 1946, and production continued until at least the 1980s. All of these jars had the Mason beaded neck style, although the actual seal was at the lip or rim of the jar.

Are Kerr canning jars valuable?

Typical values: The value of antique Ball, Mason and Kerr canning jars varies greatly. Typical prics range from $8 to $25 a jar.

How can I tell if my mason jars are old?

AgePontil marks or indented rings in the bottom of the jar mean it was hand finished by a glass blower. Seams also help determine the age of your jar: Seams that go all the way up the jar indicate it was machine made, probably between 1895 and 1915.Color can also help date your jar.

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