Question: How do I meet an artistic woman?

What dating app do artists use?

The Top 5 Apps for Artistic SinglesRankSiteFree Trial Link#1ZooskFree Trial#2eHarmonyFree Trial#3JdateFree Trial#4Christian MingleFree Trial

Is there a dating app for music lovers?

A new dating app, POM, has been unveiled, which promises to match users based on their taste in music. The applications full name is Power of Music, and the official launch is set for 10th August following months of teaser campaigns.

How do I get signed to a label?

Get Your Music Heard By Record LabelsWrite a Great Bio. First things first: make sure your brand is properly and professionally represented online. Prepare Your Tunes. Remember about producing and delivering good quality. Do Your Research. Be Relevant. Think Like a Label. Send it Out! Submit a Demo to Blue Label Records.Jul 30, 2015

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